Silence of Sirens is soon to be published project created for the purpose of collecting donations for emotional and physical restoration of Ukraine.

The idea behind this project was an imaginary situation of an artist trying to re-record John Cage's 4′33 in modern day Ukraine. It is highly possible that many takes would be disrupted by a dreadful sound of air ride sirens in the background.
The recorded sounds are put together to a compilation hosted on a bandcamp page, where you can buy and turn off any siren for € 1 only.
What you are seeing now is a map of air-raid alerts field-recorded all over Ukraine. Every siren is someone’s constant mortal dread.
All donations be equally distributed between two charity funds made by Ukrainian music scene offsprings.
"Rebuild Together" is a volunteer run initiative rebuilding houses at the de-occupied Ukrainian territories, supported by several both local and international music acts.
"Am I Jazz" foundation is a fundraising initiative helping Ukrainian musicians in need.
From the first day of war Ukrainians know by heart how howling the sirens sound in their heads and their hearts.